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Trying to automate two docker commands as a script in CMD

  • Issue type:Automation

  • OS Version/build: Windows 10 Home

  • App version : Docker Toolbox

  • Steps to reproduce/Details:


I need help with following commands to put in script at CMD. I have all setup for docker.

  1. Runs at CMD:

docker run --net=host --interactive --tty auvsisuas/interop-client

  1. Runs at # on CMD screen

./tools/ --url --username testuser --password testpass missions

Reference :

If I run individual commands in CMD one after another it works and gives me output. But when I put in script (.bat) file, it only runs 1st command after which # prompt appears on screen but 2nd command does not execute.

What I need:clear

Script to run Both commands together from CMD

Note: The image is publicly available, so you can try it on your own setup.

This is what it should look like (This is when I write commands directly in cmd):

Any help would be much appreciated.



This is my cmd/bat file:

This is what happens: