Trying to find best solution to modify files from the container using code

I’ll try to be as brief as possible.
Basically I’m building REST API to manage (list/create/read/write/delete) gameservers files
Every gameserver is running in the Docker container. Important thing is that two unrelated people can have gameserver on same machine and to being able to change file manager & apply changes without restarting the gameserver container

My 1st solution was mounting data folder and accessing files from the host but I think that’s very non-optimal solution due to its unsecurity (for example you can use path traversal by defaultl)

So I’m looking for solution where the fs will have access only to container files but I guess that’s possible only if the program is running in the container? :confused:

Something like “executable forwarding” would be perfect but I guess something like that doesn’t exist.


How are they suppose to access these files?
Because my thoughts when reading this, was to start a SFTP/FTP server pr gameserver