Trying to install on centos 7


I’m trying to get docker up and running on CentOS 7 with dokku, but I’m having real problems getting this to work…

Issue type - docker service refuses to start
OS version CentOS 7
Docker Version: 17.06.0-ce
Steps to reproduce - install docker, install dokku, try to start docker, fails to start, see below

[blah@server ~]# dockerd
INFO[0000] libcontainerd: new containerd process, pid: 9527
WARN[0000] containerd: low RLIMIT_NOFILE changing to max current=1024 max=4096
ERRO[0001] error="exit status 2"
Error starting daemon: error initializing graphdriver: error lookuping up command pvcreate while setting up direct lvm: exec: “pvcreate”: executable file not found in $PATH

I’ve been messing around with this for the past couple of days but nothing I’ve tried seems to work. If anyone can give me a solution or point me in the right direction to start resolving this I’d be grateful…

Thanks in advance for any pointers!


OK - followed these instructions this time:


no mention of daemons this time and no mention of devicemapper (looks like overlay now)

seems to be working fine…