Trying to run an Airflow project with docker compose on oracle linux 9 containers keep restarting exit code 137

Hi i am running Airflow on oracle linux 9 using docker compose but the containers keep restarting with exit code 137. I am able to run on ubuntu and macos with no problems. Im wondering if this is a configuration issue. I installed docker compose from git for oracle linux 9 as it does not have a package to install. Any ideas?

Maybe check with the software provider what error 137 is. Maybe check the Docker logs for errors. Maybe share you configuration if you think something might be wrong with it.

Exit code 137 means the container was exited because it received a termination signal.

If it’s caused by an out of memory kill, you should find evidence in the docker logs. See Read the daemon logs | Docker Docs for how to access the logs. If there is no OOM kill in the logs, check the container logs for error messages.