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Tutorial: Build a Docker image without Dockerfile

I have an in-progress tutorial on GitHub to show you how you can build Docker images without Dockerfile. I might change the title later and I am considering adding some intro section. Thanks to @meyay for the many suggestions which made the tutorial more precise.

If you have questions or suggestions feel free to share your opinion :slight_smile:

There is another relevant topic but I decided to create an other so we can talk about the tutorial too.

I will add new chapters in the near future like how buildkit works and so on.


It was pointed out to me from @thajeztah that the first ever Dockerfile (prior to being called Dockerfiles) can be found here along with the builder.

Then once they were named Dockerfiles the first one was this.

Bit of fun history :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I added “Build without base image” to the tutorial because I will have a presentation on the next Docker Budapest meetup (christmas edition). I created a new script which can build a simple docker image layer without a filesystem so we can mount the binary written in Go that we want to run in the container. I don’t use Docker commands at all to build this layer.

The next step will be the version with a filesystem. After that my plan is to create a similar tutorial on how we can create the containers’ filesystem manually.