Two server with one domain, one ip, using path (location)

Dear all,

I’m a newbie, this is my first experience with docker. I already got an apache server working fine, but I want do discover how can I use docker in place of this server.

I’ve got two services (tt-rss and nextcloud) that I want a be able to reach from internet. I’ve got one computer, one ip and one domain and i want use path location like this to reach the two services separately:

  • https:\my_registered_domain\ttrsss\
  • https:\my_registered_domain\nextcloud\

I’m trying using docker-compose to use docker jwilder\nginx and two static server and I didn’t find how can I reach the two static servers using path location. It seems to be possible when I look at jwilder/nginx documentation (per_VIRTUALHOST location) but I don’t understand how.

Can someone help me please?