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Ubuntu - 10GB gone from HD after using swarm/docker-machine, how to reclaim it?

i am having a hard time googling solutions for my problem so i will ask here.
i was doing some examples using docker swarm in docker-machine/nodes i made. I have noticed that 10GB of my HD went on this and i dont know how to reclaim my hd space, so i was wondering where are images/nodes/machines located on my HD and how am i suppose to clean them?
lets suppose i am out from my docker-machine node and in regular terminal, what commands i need to use to get to see those images that take so much space? i already reinstalled ubuntu once because docker ate all of my HD.
i know about regular images and containers that i get to see with docker image ls etc…
basically my question is how can i find all the space that docker, docker-machine, swarm and stack have taken?

also why docker-machine node where i init swarm does not use images that i already have? is it possible to set this up?


edit: well i found the 3 nodes in /home/belutak/.docker/machine/machines/ taking 15bg of space.
i tested and made few new machines, enter them, make swarm, get images, leave swarm, and remove machines with docker-machine rm, and machines were gone, i have no idea how these 3 survived.
i could not jump back into them though, is there a way to ssh into those machines and how?
docker-machine ssh node1 did not work

more edit:
i am using terminator and konsole consoles. apparently konsole has a different path where it puts machines compared to terminator. terminator shows undeleted nodes nicely(i was trying to do it from konsole and found nothing).
nice talking with myself and solving my problems
high 5 myself