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Ubuntu image timezone

(Aleiro) #1


I’m new to docker so this might be an easy question. I built an image using the repository ubuntu. Added all the things to run my app (cron, mono, ssmtp, etc…) and it seems to be running great. One small problem, the timezone is UTC and exactly 6 hrs later than mine (central). I could just update cron, but figure I am missing something.

timedatectl returns “Failed to create bus connection: No such file or directory”

setting the timezone manually in etc/timezone changes the displayed time zone, but the time does not update

And lastly, linking the localtime file doesnt seem to change anything (this isnt a ubuntu thing I dont think, but tried anyway).

How can I change this?

(Sam) #2


(Aleiro) #3

I figured I would need to go the ntp route. Thank you for the link, works perfect.