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Ubuntu: Some network client stop works after docker installation


(Shadyueh) #1
  • Issue type
    Conflict with other app

  • OS Version/build
    Linux 4.15.0-32-generic #35~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Aug 10 21:54:34 UTC 2018 x86_64

  • App version
    Docker version 18.06.1-ce, build e68fc7a
    Thunderbird 52.9.1 (64-bit)

  • Steps to reproduce

  1. Install docker successfully through apt.
  2. Try get your emails through imap or open a xmpp chat

By some reason, after docker installation, thunderbird client cant get my emails from server, or cant open xmmp chats. If I uninstall it, everything comes back to normal, so i think i need some configuration.
Anyone got this problem? My ip is in range. Docker creates a bridge