Unable to connect in SSH to docker toolbox after the laptop passed in hibernation mode


I’m able to connect in SSH to docker client with credentials (docker/tcuser).
But if my laptop passed in hibernation mode, I loose the ssh connection and I’m unable to connect again to docker client. Even after a restart of VM.
The only solution is to restart my laptop.
My environment : Windows 8 / docker toolbox / docker client 1.8.3 / Putty

Could you help me ?

Any idea on my problem ?

Try using docker ps to find the container. If it does not appear, it may have crashed. Containers expire once their processes stop. You can see expired containers with docker ps -a.

I must point out that ssh into a container is a bit perverse. Try docker exec -it container_name /bin/bash if you want a shell inside a container.

Thanks Mike for your answer.
But I use ssh to connect into the docker toolbox not to connect into a container.