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Unable to connect to windows Docker container from windows HOST



We are doing a quick Docker POC and faced problem connecting to web service running in Docker container.

The setup we have is full windows:

Host: Windows 10 Prod
Docker desktop for Windows: 18.09.1, running windows containers
Image: Owin self hosted web api “Hellow World” sample app, running on local host 8080
Docker buildfile:
FROM microsoft/windowsservercore
COPY simpleservice/bin/debug/. .
ENTRYPOINT simpleservice.exe

I can query the url inside the container via “docker run -i cmd” on localhost:8080, but couldn’t connect to the service from the host itself. I have tried:
using -p 8090:8080 then access via “localhost:8090” from host
using the docker container’s IP (through Docker Inspect etc) via “docker-ip:8080”

on the first method, I get Access Denied (403).on second method, I get back request
Any idea what I’m missing in this setup in order to access the web service from the HOST?

On the other hand, i have also tried building a .Net Core app on a linux container running on windows 10. This time access via port mapping works perfectly fine on the same host.