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Unable to create docker service with my own image


(Jitenjha11) #1

Dear Friends,

I am facing some problem when I am creating docker service for httpd service.

command ### docker service create --replicas 5 -p 80:80 --name webserver httpd

running one container with apache service after it create its image with the name “httpd”.
When I am running above command .
it is not working .
Error: Rejected less than a second ago "No such image: e3ce6dbe50bc:l…"
Current Status: Rejected less than a second ago

When I am using default image like apache or nginx it is working. Why it is not working when I am using my own image .
If i want to do some live changes on services like : install package or update application
how i can do that.
Please help me.

JItendra Jha

(David Maze) #2

Update your Dockerfile to have the new package or application version. Rebuild the image and push it to whatever repository you’re using. Update the version tag on the service.

(I hear Jenkins can basically do all of these things when you commit code after it runs your tests with enough configuration.)

You never want to attempt to make a “live change” like this, for two reasons: you’d need to manually make the same change in every replica, and if the system ever decides to scale or relocate and creates new containers and deletes old ones, the new containers won’t have whatever changes you made locally.