Unable to create new user in orangescrum

I am getting this error while i try to “invite user”.Hoew to resolve this issue?I could not find an app/config folder and so i created one and put a constants.php file there.But how should it look like?

"Make sure that you have done the below required changes in app/Config/constants.php

  • You have provided the details of SMTP email sending options in app/Config/constants.php
  • You have updated FROM_EMAIL_NOTIFY and SUPPORT_EMAIL in app/Config/constants.php

BTW, i created the app and config folder under XAMPP folder.

I found a copy of constants.php in c:\xampp\phpMyAdmin\vendor\pragmarx\google2fa\src\Support .

If this is in any way related to Docker, you’ll have to show us some details about the Docker setup please.

I installed orangescrum using docker
c:\program files\docker\docker
The app and DB is available but when i try to crete a new user with invite user it gives me the above error
And when i try to browse as said in orangescrum helpdesk website
Its give me error like this:
Provide the details of SMTP email sending options in app/Config/constants.php

Sorry, that’s really not enough detail to be able to help. What did you do exactly? And how are you starting the container?

If running in Docker, that should be a file in in app/Config/ in the container, not on your local disk like you wrote:

See also How to edit a file in a running container?

I did search for a app/config file in containe , but could not find one…using power shell

Same goes for trying to find the files in /app/Config.

The linux containers are running in in windows 2019 server.I have installed apache,and my sql using XAMPP. I used the docker image to set up orangescrum.Though now i am able to browse the orangescrum GUI and perform all functions except inviting users.Its gives me the above mentioned error.I tried to create a config folder and put a constants.php in the container.Still it is giving me the same error.Now i have a orangescrum app and orangescrum db running in linux containers.