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Unable to find docker daemon logs

(Pmandayam) #1

I am looking for the docker-daemon logs, the ones that display information between the docker client and the docker daemon.

According to this answer:

The log is supposed to be in /var/log/docker.log for boot2docker (I am running docker on windows).

However, boot2docker is deprecated and replaced by docker-machine.

Regardless, I do not have the directory or log file listed above. I do not even have a /var directory.

After creating one the above log file in the specified path, the daemon did not even write to the docker.log file as well.

Any ideas?

(Joe) #2

Is it possible that you are not looking the in the Docker host?

ssh onto the Docker host where the Docker daemon is running and look the log file.


(Pmandayam) #3

@sapjpp This solved the problem, thanks.