Unable to log in the docker hub or create docker ID - error returned

I an new to the Docker. Logged in with my GitHub ID. However, when trying to create docker ID, or manage my login information, or login into the docker hub - I’m getting following errors (on web page, in Chrome browser, if this is relevant):
Unexpected Application Error!
Loading chunk 3296 failed. (error: https://d36jcksde1wxzq.cloudfront.net/hub-ui/3296.51824f5948d494bb2041.js)

And, when trying to create Docker ID, getting this error:

Unexpected Application Error!

Loading CSS chunk 9032 failed. (https://d36jcksde1wxzq.cloudfront.net/hub-ui/9032.9ca7d08575aae4bdebdc.css)

When trying to login from IDE, getting this response:
Error response from daemon: Get “”: unauthorized: incorrect username or password

Any idea how to solve this? I can’t pull or push images, nothing.

As I am a new user, it will not allow me to post the whole error message here. Is there a way to attach logs to the topic?