Unable to login to docker hub (Enterprise paid account)

Forgot my password and got locked out. Got message to try after 30 mins. Waited for 30 min and tried again and it kept saying password not correct.

Finally decided to use “Forget Password” functionality, but not getting any email back to reset my password.

This is a corporate account and I am not getting email, nor my boss is getting email (who is primary)


  • I created a ticket with Docker Support on Jan 11th 2019, and to this day no resolution. I called 3 times, and they keep saying we have escalated the priority, still no calls. We cannot access our PAID DockerHub account, cannot talk to anyone who can reset the emails if incorrect for primary user for company account (1 person from our team left the company). Not sure how to fix it …every time we call customer service, all they say or do is we will send message to technical support team. No email or phone call to fix the problem


-Pramod Malhotra
Rockvlle, MD

I have contacted support@docker.com multiple time with no reply or feedback