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Unable to manage own services using systemctl in Docker container with Ubuntu 16.04 image

I am unable to run following commands to manage own services in Docker container with Ubuntu 16.04 image,
(i am able to run systemctl enable service_name.service, though what it actually does is creates a symbolic link)
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl status service_name.service
systemctl start service_name.service
systemctl stop service_name.service

Error Message: Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory

So is there a way to get it working?
else is there any tool/way something similar to service?, to continuously monitor an application status and restart when crashed or exited

I have gone through few of the topics in forum which provide solution to cent OS 7 but not for Ubuntu 16.04 and also that those commands are almost like they don’t exist in docker environment.

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I am also running in the same problem. Have you found the solution?

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