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Unable to pull from dockerhub - Need host/port map required for proxy

(Freddy) #1

I am trying to pull a docker container image from DockerHub on a RHEL7.1 VM with docker-1.6.0-11.el7.x86_64. We have to use a corporate proxy but it’s currently configured to bypass decryption and certificate validation for as well as and the red hat akamai urls. I’m able to successfully pull successfully. Here’s what happens when I try to pull an image from DockerHub:

[]# docker pull distribution/registry
Trying to pull repository … not found
Trying to pull repository … failed
FATA[0007] Get read tcp :: connection reset by peer.


Can someone point me in the right direction? A definitive list of domains/hostnames and ports would help a lot. Or if there is a way to capture more debug output. I have pcaps but they are not very revealing.

thank you!

(Moonsyim) #2

I have exactly same issue here.
Would you please share how you fixed this issue?