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Unable to push docker image to Openshift Origin Docker registry

I was trying to deploy a docker image I have created via Openshift. I followed the instructions in:

However, as I tried to push my docker image to the Openshift registry, it did not succeed, as shown below.

[root@mymachine ~]# docker push

The push refers to a repository []

0a4a35d557a6: Preparing

025eba1692ec: Preparing

5332a889b228: Preparing

e7b287e8074b: Waiting

149636c85012: Waiting

f96222d75c55: Waiting

no basic auth credentials

Following are the docker version and openshift versions:

[root@mymachine ~]# docker --version

Docker version 1.11.0, build 4dc5990

[root@mymachine ~]# oc version

oc v1.2.0

kubernetes v1.2.0-36-g4a3f9c5

Well… Somehow it turned out to be a random error, which was resolved after rebooting the system and restarting all the services.!

I’m having a similar issue. It doesn’t seem like a random error.

devyani@devyanismint ~/work/phase2_poc $ sudo docker push
[sudo] password for devyani:
The push refers to a repository []
3de910b5740c: Preparing
e90e872de75e: Preparing
9c94fdde9dec: Preparing
fd4201d4d293: Preparing
4330b6b777d9: Preparing
366599611df1: Waiting
e6695624484e: Waiting
da59b99bbd3b: Waiting
5616a6292c16: Waiting
f3ed6cb59ab0: Waiting
654f45ecb7e3: Waiting
2c40c66f7667: Waiting
no basic auth credentials

Restarting doesn’t help? Any ideas?