Unable to set up Glpi with mysql on docker

Hi everybody,

I need some help with docker to set up glpi and connect it with mysql
i use kitematic to set up glpi and mysql containers

mysql look well set up : in the log : Plugin ready for connections. Socket: ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqlx.sock’ bind-address: ‘::’ port: 33060 i have set the differents environnement variable so i think it work

but when i launch glpi on the browner i got the glpi’s setup page but when i have to enter the database setup parameters i got an error :

Can’t connect to the database
The server answered: No such file or directory

i try to set up with powershell only and i got the same issue
i try to set up prestashop too and i got the same issue always a problem when i try to connect to mysql

If someone can give me some advice it will be great !!

thank you in advance !


First advice: Give us more details about how you start the containers. From a docker-compose file? And how do you set these environment variables?


i start the container with kitematic who is a software for docker, and i set these environment variables in kitematic too
i also test to set up glpi and mysql with powershell downloading but it’s still the same issues

Have you try the variable links over depend_on