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Unauthorized error on automated builds (for organization repositories)


I am trying to configure automated builds for a repository created within an organization, but I’m always getting the same error: unauthorized: incorrect username or password. This is somehow weird, as the error is always raised at the first FROM step of the Dockerfile, even if FROM points to a public image.

Here’s an example. I created a very simple Dockerfile in a github repository, configured it as an automated build, to no avail. This is the build log:

Building in Docker Cloud's infrastructure...
Cloning into '.'...
Warning: Permanently added the RSA host key for IP address '' to the list of known hosts.
Reset branch 'master'
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'.
KernelVersion: 4.4.0-1060-aws
Components: [{u'Version': u'18.03.1-ee-3', u'Name': u'Engine', u'Details': {u'KernelVersion': u'4.4.0-1060-aws', u'Os': u'linux', u'BuildTime': u'2018-08-30T18:42:30.000000000+00:00', u'ApiVersion': u'1.37', u'MinAPIVersion': u'1.12', u'GitCommit': u'b9a5c95', u'Arch': u'amd64', u'Experimental': u'false', u'GoVersion': u'go1.10.2'}}]
Arch: amd64
BuildTime: 2018-08-30T18:42:30.000000000+00:00
ApiVersion: 1.37
Platform: {u'Name': u''}
Version: 18.03.1-ee-3
MinAPIVersion: 1.12
GitCommit: b9a5c95
Os: linux
GoVersion: go1.10.2
Starting build of
Step 1/3 : FROM node:alpine
Get unauthorized: incorrect username or password

The same happens to me with other repositories. It always fails at the first FROM step.

Any ideas?

Note: this is not happening to me in repositories created in my individual account, the error only occurs in organization repositories.