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Understanding Docker on NAS Synology

Good Day Community!

I am new to Docker and its functionalities and have no background in programing, coding or anything related these areas, just FYI. So please be kind with your language and some what clear on your descriptions if possible.

I recently saw a post for people using Docker to run “gaming servers” for a game that I enjoy playing; Space Engineers, and became interested in using Docker to meet my needs. I unfortunately for the last 37 days have not been able to resolve, inquire on outside forum, or find a solution via the web to fix my problems installing the “containers” provided by creator of said gaming servers. I was hoping to find a friendly community that might assist me in understanding what I might be doing wrong or if I was ever intentionally able to install these containers.

I am running a:
Synology DS916+
INTEL Pentium N3710
CPU clock rate 1.6 GHz
CPU cores 4
Total physical memory 8192 MB

I have installed Docker software with no problems to my NAS and downloaded multiple containers from the Registry Tab of the game server; (devidian-spaceengineers1 as an example) with no avail in running more than 2 minutes per the Overview panel.

I have reviewed my logs and seen nothing of an error. I believe that my problem “might” be related to the Volume tab. I do not understand for sure that Docker want me to point to as a “File/Folder” and a “Mounted Path”.

I understand that the possibility might be with my hardware as well, but at this point I truly have no clue. I would really appreciate the help as I have searched for ways to contact the designers of the container/servers on Github and other sites with no appearance of “comment, reach out, or leave a message for” on the these websites. It is sad to be alone with nowhere to ask any questions and hope that this community can at least give me a light to start to solve my questions.

In your case I would not start running the game server in a special environment because you can’t tell if the problem is the environment or the Docker image. By special environment I mean anything that is not a Linux with a terminal where you can play with the commands and get more help. Maybe I am saying this only because I don’t have a NAS to try it out :slight_smile: I also don’t know what image you are using. The image is what you can download to run a container. You wrote “devidian-spaceengineers1” but if it is an image, it is probably not the whole name so I can’t try it.

Do you have any description to share about starting that server?

I can enclude the docker link if it helps, - Docker Hub

Yes, of course. Always share all the public information you have.

The container actually has error messages in my case:

grep: /appdata/space-engineers/instances/TestInstance/SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg: No such file or directory
sed: can't read /appdata/space-engineers/instances/TestInstance/SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg: No such file or directory
grep: /appdata/space-engineers/instances/TestInstance/SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg: No such file or directory
sed: can't read /appdata/space-engineers/instances/TestInstance/SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg: No such file or directory

Do you have the configuration file mentioned in the error message?

Yes, it actually give the same errors. I tried inserting them from my local install on my PC, but still problems.

If you are asked to follow the instructions per the creator, you need to set it up after downloading the dedicated server app from steam.

I pointed the user to the unofficial Syno-Forum, as may Syno users prefer to manage container’s using Synology’s opinionated docker UI.