Undoing docker run -d on a RPi

Hi all,

I am a true newbie and would like to know how I can undo the following that I did on my Raspberry Pi 4:

sudo docker run -d --ip=“” linuxserver/emby

I figured out how to change the IP from portainer.

Would appreciate your guidance.

Good morning,
I guess the commands you are searching for are these:

  • docker ps -a - displays a list of running and stopped containers including their names and ids
  • docker container stop [containername|containerid] - stops the container with the given name oder id
  • container container rm [containername|containerid] - removes the stopped container with this name or id

Afterwards you can create a new container with the new parameters.

I’m used to removed stopped containers unless I am sure that I want to use exact this container again.

Thank you for your reply @matthiasradde
If the container is removed, do I have to set it up again through portainer? Do I loose all the settings that have been made in that container (i.e. emby settings) ?