Unexpected case while using swarm

I have doubt using swarm mode, here is procedure what I faced the issue.

  1. Image download
    $ docker pull => my own registry.
  2. Swarm init
    $ swarm init
  3. Create service
    $ docker service create --name tizen --replicas 1 /sbin/init => the image will be brought up based on systemd
  4. Check the service
    $ docker service ls
  5. check process
    $ ps -ef | grep docker
  6. kill dockerd, docker-containerd-shim
    $ kill -9 pid
  7. re run docker daemon
    $ dockerd -s overlay2 &
  8. check container status
    => Exited(255).

I think 255 code is out of range. If I kill dockerd only, the status code is 137 it makes sense, but why it return 255 when I kill dockerd and docker-containerd-shim process toghether?
anybody knows the issue?

I’d like to corret,

  1. run busybox image
  2. pkill dockerd
  3. restart dockerd
  4. check the container status => exited (255)

I think 255 is out of range, is it right value?