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Unexpected EOF on when trying to pull from docker hub

As of this morning, I am getting “Unexpected EOF” errors on docker pulls.

The error in full:

> docker pull microsoft/mssql-server-linux:2017-GA
Error response from daemon: Get Get unexpected EOF

… it doesn’t matter which image I try to pull, I always get that error. The error seems not be with docker hub, though, as directly GETing that URL with wget works.

Any pointers, anyone? I have already tried deleting all images as suggested in a likely issue, but no luck so far.

docker desktop (43472) on Windows 10 Pro Version 1903


Getting images from a different registry does work, so maybe the problem is with docker hub after all?

How did your resolve this issue? I have that too.
I also have the issue when pulling from other registries, i.e.

I didn’t. I gave up after three days of trying various things, and now am just using Docker on Linux. I did not try reinstalling the entire machine, that would have been my last option had I not had the option of simply using another machine for that work.

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This is an active issue, and needs resolving.

I suspect this issue is still active for you, I am having the same problem.

I was suggested a solution for this problem in my GitHub issue on this topic:

I had this same issue. My problem was that I had the Docker CLI installed directly on WSL.
I switched docker for windows back to Hyper-V, then uninstalled the Docker CLI from WSL. After turning back on WSL integration everything worked.

This fixed it for me, maybe it helps you too