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Uninstall docker from Lubuntu 18.10 (Ubuntu 18.10) complety and docker daemon unknow error

Hi there i need to uninstall Docker from mi pc completly, i ’ m using a PC with Lubuntu 18.10 (Ubuntu 18.10) i try with the terminal comands of officila documentation but docker still in my pc coz when i write: $ docker still show me the dockers commands

Why i’m asking to uninstall docker?

This coz i need to install from 0, the first time i installed docker following the official documentation and i run the docker hello-world i works fine, but now i dont know why the system show me a error referer to-> dpkt: docker+http:/localhost, docker daemon is running?, Can you please help me with this?

So if you want uninstall it

sudo apt-get purge docker-ce

and if you want your images to be rm use

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/docker

But if you want retain the docker and check whats causing error you have text. then
please run systemctl status docker and check the error it is showing and print here. we can try resolve the issue( which will more interesting)

Hello and thanks for helping, this is the error when i install docker and ty to run the hello-world image:

And this the systemctl:

Hello and thanks for the help, this is the error when i install docker and try to run the hello-world image:

And this is the output of systemctl:

please read this link

I , thanks for the help, i just re install my whole OS and install docker again, it works ok when run hello-world.
i think theproblem was regardind to docker0 connection, coz i remember that when i just click on that connection in linux lubuntu, all the problems began, for the momenbto i just dont know what exactly happend, but thanks for your comments i will open a new issue regarding to magento 2 set up and how to access to localhost when the installation run ok.

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