Unsupported config option for services.audiobookshelf: platform

Hi, im trying to install a docker container called AUDIOBOOKSHELF in an ubuntu pc with i386 arquitecture,

but the container is a amd64 arquitecture, can i emulate it in my pc?

i added the line “platform: linux/amd64” in the “docker-compose.yaml” file and got this error:

root@user3-pc:/home/user3/RED/audiobookshelf# nano docker-compose.yaml
root@user3-pc:/home/user3/RED/audiobookshelf# docker-compose up -d
ERROR: The Compose file ‘./docker-compose.yaml’ is invalid because:
Unsupported config option for services.audiobookshelf: ‘platform’


I moved your question to a new topic. Please, don’t post to an already solved topic unless you have something to add to the original question.

Since the second part of your question is about Docker Compose, I moved it to the Compose category.

Please, share the following details:

  • compose file. You can remove anything that you don’t want to share like passwords or ip addresses.
  • The output of
    docker version
    docker info
  • The version of compose could also be important.
    docker compose version
    If it doesn’t work then
    docker-compose version

To answer your first question: Yes, you can emulate if you have the emulator which is installed in Docker Desktop. On other Linux, you need to install the emulator.