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Upgrade docker in Fedora 22

(Harisund) #1

I am using Fedora 22. “rpm -qa | grep docker” reveals -

I am following instructions here -

That says create the repo file, then do “sudo yum install docker-engine” as step 4.

Two questions -

  1. ‘yum’ is deprecated. Shouldn’t this be updated to use dnf now?
  2. The link on the page for Fedora 22 says –

If you navigate here, you can find docker-engine-1.7.0-1 through 1.9.0-1.

dnf check-update --> returns nothing
dnf install docker-engine --> says docker-engine 1.7.0 (in online docker repo) conflicts with docker-1.8.2-7 (in Fedora)

So what’s the correct way to upgrade Docker on Fedora?