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URGENT: All data lost after renaming container in KiteMatic

I am running a container with MS SQL Server (mssql-server-linux). I created a database, created several tables and stored quite important data for a migration in it. For 2 weeks everything was working fine. I used Kitematic (0.13.0) to start / stop the container, and was working with an SQL client most of the time.

Then, I renamed the container in KiteMatic using the “settings” panel, “Container Info” section. The container restarted, and ALL DATA WAS GONE.

Quite shocking, can easily be reproduced: after each rename & restart, all persisted data in the container will be gone. ist this expected behavior? Any way to get my database back?

I am using Docker Version 1.13.1 (15353) and on El Capitan (Mac OS x 10.11.6)

This happened to me as well, luckily it was just a test db.

Yea I tried kitematic once and bam it deleted my entire container, nowhere to be found. Truly shocking.

I recently ran into the same issue. Any ideas/updates on why this is happening?

Same thing, container disappeared, was running at time of rename. fixed by command line
docker images {to find origional image}
docker run -i -t [IMAGE_ID] {to recreate container}
docker ps -a {to find auto generated container name}
docker rename [old container name] [required container name] {to rename safely}
restart Kitematic

This happens to me today :sob:! Plz @animeddirect how u figured it out . U’r sol doesn’t work for me


We need to start same container. We should not create new container every time.
get all container by using below command
c:> docker container ls --all
start container where you created data
c:> docker start <container_id>
after running same container I got my tables back.