Use custom docker network by default?

Is it possible to use a user created, custom network by default when launching dockerd?

I created by own, custom network bridge via docker network create, network name shared_nw, bridge name docker1. By default now, when I boot, docker brings up it’s default docker0 interface, along with my new, custom docker1 bridge. I don’t care about docker0 anymore, how can I instruct docker to instead use my custom docker1 interface?

Also, when I create a new network, where is this information stored so it persists through reboots, and what is the process like for creating and bringing up these bridges? It would appear that docker manages this, and not the normal network process. I tried to script something in a system hook, ifup-local, but that script is never called by my CentOS system network setup. Is it possible to hook into their interface creation lifetimes so I can do something in post?