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Use Docker for Windows without log in


After several month of research I still did not find my answer to my problematic. I hope that this forum could resolve my issue !

I’ve been given with a software running through docker and I have to run it on a windows server. I’d like to have my dockerized software running automatically on windows. For that, I created a powershell with a schedule to run the container when I want to.

However, here is my issue. When my server reboot for any reason, the docker application cannot be automatically launched without me log in on my server account. This is an issue because I don’t want to require any human interaction with the server.

So my question:

  • Is it possible to launch docker as a service on a windows server ?
  • Can we use docker for windows without having to log on the windows ?
  • If not do you see any other option ?

I already done without success:

  • Any kind of scheduling launching the docker application with admin privileges and “without require to be log”.
  • Utilization of “AlwaysUp”
  • Create an auto log on server (not possible due to the IT protection)

I would be very grateful if this question is resolved and I am sure that it will interest a lot of people !