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Use kerberized nfs in docker

(Ptulpen) #1

Helllo everyone,
we want to use docker to let new programs/algorithms work on data with is on our fileserver.
The problem now is that we need to access the filesever via NFS4 and Kerberos;
When I start the container as user and just use -v/media/fileserver:/media/fileserver I can see the root of the fileserver, which is not protected, but I cannot change to the subdirectory.
So for me it looks like the image does its own connection to the nfs server and authenticates as root, who has no access there.

So how can I pass the data into the docker container directly from the host without having to care about the fact that this lies on a secured storage

(Mohammedazfar) #2

you can try to create a user which has access to nfs mount in you host system, then try to pass --user with UID to docker run , let me know if this helps you …

(Ptulpen) #3

It works :wink:
Thank you very much ! :smile: