User mhas01 has been using his skills for nefarious reasons

This user mhas01 gets on file sharing website and will post 3 pages of new software, usually games, but there not. He will post about 3 pages worth of files, one after another about a minute apart. The problem is they are always 14.98 MB in size. Every upload. They are all virus. See for yourselves. His real name is Mounir Hasrouni. I guess when he is not being a white hat, he does the Jekyll and Hyde trick and Black Hats it on his spare time. Just thought I would make people aware of what a real jerk this guy is.

Hi… I’m not sure to whom @jayram1408 is referring, but definitely there is some mistake. I am the owner of the mhas01 account (in docker that is), and have not been involved whatsoever in any of the activities cited by the user. I respectfully ask for a more solid argument, and for clarification, since I’m not related anyhow with the Twitter user mhas01. I kindly appreciate the willingness to let the truth prevail. Thanks.