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User permitions on docker image and volumes

(Eriksenonline) #1

I am using Docker for local Magento development on both windows and mac. I allso have it working on Linux, but I have one question about permitions on the shared volume.

In my linux desktop my local user have the UID 1000 and this UID do not exist on the docker image.

My apache container have the /var/www/html folder as a shared volume. If I on my linux desktop start Docker from my home dir with my local user (with uid 1000) docker start and maps up my local folder as a volume. The problem is if my docker container do a chown or another permition validation I am not able to edit my files locally on my linux laptop. If I do nothing magento do not work as it should because the docker container user do not have the correct permitions.

How do I make this work as seemless as it works on docker for mac and windows. Or is there a better and even more secure way to handle this?