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Using IceCream (icecc) during build

Hi everyone,

I’m building docker images with a lot of stuff that needs to be compiled in place during the build processes. Using a pure GCC for that is excruciatingly slow. Since the code base is changed constantly it’s very time consuming. I’ve noticed that the compiler chain inside the docker build only compiles one job at a time.

The environment that I have at hand here however provides an IceCream service spread across a large amount of machines. It would speed things up dramatically if I could use the ecosystem.

I have an image that contains the icecc compile chain, but it seems that the icecc inside the build environment does not detect the existing IceCream network.

What can I do to allow it to utilize it?

Since this is a purely internal setup for research purposes I’d like to neglect/bend any “dockeronic” rules regarding “that’s not what docker is supposed to” and just do it any way possible.

Thank you very much!