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Using Nexus OSS as a proxy/cache for Docker images

Using Nexus OSS as a proxy/cache for Docker images – Tech by Maarten (
follow this post(but use windows 10 & docker desktop) but cannot pull images with docker pull image_name doesn’t work. need to docker pull pc-name:port of nexus oss/image_name.
pc-name:port of nexus oss put in daemon configuration file but docker desktop don’t use it.
how to make it use this settings docker-desktop ?!


your image that you build, needs to be named “pc-name:port/imagename:tag” when you then have builed that image, you need to “docker push pc-name:port/imagename:tag” so the registry has that image.
Then, to pull: docker pull pc-name:port/imagename:tag

that’s right :slight_smile: but I’m not asking that! I’m wondering how I can get docker-desktop to use the settings in configuration file.then the image name will not include pc-name:port.

thank you for the info
nice topic
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