Version in neofs-local/docker-compose.yml is unsupported

I’m trying to get Docker with Compose running some containers on Ubuntu Server 18.

I’m trying to install a neofs-local (neofs priv net).

the source in @

Downloaded archive to PC.
The instructions are for “make local_pull”…

I get version error from docker-compose.yml.

docker-compose.cli.yml first line is

version: ‘2.4’

I have docker Linux Community install:

Docker Engine version 19.03.6
Docker-compose version 1.17.1

Do I need Docker Enterprise to install/run these images??

This whole Docker process has confused the hell out of me!

Your engine version might support version 2.4 files, but your docker-compose version does not!
You either need to change the version to 2.3 or update your docker-compose version to 1.21.0 or newer.

I have added Ubuntu repository as below, and d/l that way…

$ sudo add-apt-repository \
   "deb [arch=amd64] \
   $(lsb_release -cs) \

Documented on this page:

Basically my “community” install is the latest avail as far as I’m aware.

Ok, update. The github version of docker-compose is much newer than the Ubuntu depositories.
So I deleted apt-get install of compose. D/L the github version 1.25.x. That installed easily.

Then the neofs-local suddenly started working. What an adventure to get Docker functioning!!

Thanks, on to the next problem!