Virtual network card for x2 80 port sharing possible?

I use traefik on my docker and wanted to install adguard home on it, but adguard home also needs port 80 and port 53, which are already blocked on my docker. is there a way to create a new network to direct adguard home to it that can use port 80 and 53?

I see two options:

  • publish port 80 only on traefik, use traefik labels on the adguard container to use traefik as reverse proxy to access the adguard container. Publish port 53/tcp and 53/udp on the adguard container, but not on the traefik container. Traefik only needs port 80 for http, port 443 for https and port 8080 for its ui.
  • create a macvlan network and assign the containers to it. A forum/google search on macvlan should yield plenty of results.

Personaly I would use the first option.