Virtualize contents of a CD with docker

Is it possible to run the windows application found on CD’s that you get from your doctor when you do a IRM or CT scan from within a docker container and then be able to output this into a browser or an android app just like you would run it from your windows machine?

They usually give you the exam results on a CD where they include various and different apps that help you browse and view the images and would like to have them stored online so when needed I can just give the physician a link where they can see and analyze them without the need of having the CD and running the software locally.

What would be the best approach of doing this?

I know, this is almost two weeks old, but I guess you would still like to have an answer. On windows, I would try a virtual machine. On Linux, you could mount the content of your cdrom into the container or the device itself

In case of windows containers, I don’t know if it is possible.