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Volume Mount Point - var/lib/docker/volumes/

I am not able to find the location of the “var/lib/docker” folder location. My operating system is Windows-10. I have tried to find out the location in the installed container “var/lib” folder, but there has no “docker/volumes” folders.
Can anybody help me where can I find and access the accurate location of the mount point folder?

“Mountpoint”: “/var/lib/docker/volumes/623c192f6f865bac52cb50b636d1d3c78f1750255dc09a04eeeec28afd7465fe/_data”,

Seems like you are not aware that Docker runs in a vm on Windows. You will need to access the vm to find the folder. Whenever people try to directly access /var/lib/docker or a container by its container ip, it is usualy the wrong approach.

You might want to elaborate on your use case and let someone experienced suggest how to properly archive what you need :wink: