Volume Mounts of CIFS Fails with latest docker updates on linux ubuntu systems

Anyone experiencing this? Would like to know if it’s an update problem.

Here are the latest docker updates to our ubuntu 20.04 system. This system is amd and we’re also experiencing the same behavior on intel:

  • 2024-01-23 09:08:28 status installed containerd.io:amd64 1.6.27-1
  • 2024-01-23 09:08:25 status installed docker-buildx-plugin:amd64 0.12.1-1~ubuntu.20.04~focal
  • 2024-01-23 09:08:28 status installed docker-compose-plugin:amd64 2.24.1-1~ubuntu.20.04~focal
  • 2024-01-23 09:08:28 status installed docker-ce-cli:amd64 5:25.0.0-1~ubuntu.20.04~focal
  • 2024-01-23 09:08:28 status installed docker-ce-rootless-extras:amd64 5:25.0.0-1~ubuntu.20.04~focal
  • 2024-01-23 09:08:53 status installed docker-ce:amd64 5:25.0.0-1~ubuntu.20.04~focal

This type of mount now fails for all our docker compose ymls:

      type: "cifs"
      o: "mfsymlinks,addr=fcm.net,username=uuuuuuuu,password=xxxxxxxx,ro"
      device: "//fcm.net/mm/mm"

We get this error:

Error response from daemon: failed to mount local volume: mount //, flags: 0x1, data: mfsymlinks,addr=fcm.net,username=boxsync,password=********: invalid argument

With fstab mounting, I do not get any errors from the file share server.

This worked and still works for me on Ubuntu 20.04:

      type: cifs 
      o: username=myuser,password=mypass,uid=3000,gid=3000,vers=3.0
      device: //

You might want to tweak your parameters. Though, be aware: volumes are immutable once created, changing anything in the compose file will not be reflected back to the volume. It needs to be deleted, so that compose can re-create it with the new parameters.

You have ubuntu 20.04 with those software versions of docker and conatinerd?

OS: check
Docker und Containerd: I would have to check, I upgraded to 25.0.0 yesterday.

Update: here you go!

 dpkg -l | grep -E '(docker-ce|containerd)'
ii  containerd.io                          1.6.27-1                          amd64        An open and reliable container runtime
ii  docker-ce                              5:25.0.0-1~ubuntu.20.04~focal     amd64        Docker: the open-source application container engine
ii  docker-ce-cli                          5:25.0.0-1~ubuntu.20.04~focal     amd64        Docker CLI: the open-source application container engine
ii  docker-ce-rootless-extras              5:25.0.0-1~ubuntu.20.04~focal     amd64        Rootless support for Docker.

Thank you! I’m going to retweek my options…will definitely let you know what I find

I think I found the problem. We were using Azure DFS. Works when I went back to a more normal CIFS mount.

Thank you @meyay for confirming it should work.

Welcome, I am glad you could sort it out so quickly!

Btw. your problem is related to this Issue:

I just happen to use options that are not affected by the issue, while the options you used are.