Volumes of Docker Dev Containers disapers

I have tried out the Docker Dev Environment in linux, but for some reason the volumes created for it get’s removed after a while and can’t be recreated, trying to restart the dev environment results in an error about the volume cant be found.

Preparing to clone inside a volume
Installing credential helpers... 
Cloning into '/com.docker.devenvironments.code'...
Running .docker migration
Migration: no config.json detected
Migration: no .docker/docker-compose.yaml detected
Downloading tool to detect main repo language...
Done downloading.
Detecting main repo language...
Unsupported language "Shell" - using default base image
app Pulling 
app Pulled 
Network docker-node-gifted_davinci_default  Creating
Network docker-node-gifted_davinci_default  Created
Volume "vsCodeServerVolume-docker-node-gifted_davinci-app"  Creating
Volume "vsCodeServerVolume-docker-node-gifted_davinci-app"  Created
external volume "volume-docker-node-gifted_davinci" not found
exit status 1