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Volumes question


(Andrewbanchich) #1

I’m teaching myself how Docker works by trying to configure Docker using a Compose to create a WordPress website using three containers: WordPress, MySQL, and abiosoft/caddy. I want to use Caddy to serve my site, but WordPress comes with Apache2 in its container by default. What would you say the best setup is for this?

  1. Set up Caddy as a proxy server and get WordPress’ container (Apache) to send the data to Caddy and have Caddy send it to the user.

  2. Bind volumes from WordPress to Caddy and have Caddy directly serve the files without any rerouting of data. I think this way would also require me to set up a way for Caddy’s container to have access to a php runtime.

I thought #1 sounded easier, but I couldn’t figure out how to bind the ports between containers like this. I could only bind container ports to the host ports.

I tried #2 as well, and I can’t seem to figure out how volumes and volumes_from work. Here are my docker-compose.yml and Caddyfiles.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!