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WAR file not running on tomcat container

Hello there,

I have WAR applications that are running successfully on a tomcat server without any problem, but when i created a tomcat container using docker on linux machine it doesn’t work. I believe the problem is that my application is not designed to run on docker, how to edit it and make sure that it will run on a container?

Also, i can’t use Spring Boot.

Any suggestions

One more thing to tell,the tomcat is running but when i try to access the application from my browser, it keeps loading and loading until connection times out

Please share your complete Dockerfile and on how your start the container to verify the behavior.
This is not a generall tomcat or java problem.

I am new to docker, i created the container using Plesk on my server, how to extract this file?

I have no idea how Plesk works - it is unrelated to docker anyway.

Did you create your own image? If not which image:tag did you use?
Please share screenshots about your container configurations from Plesk, so we can at least get an idea of what you tried to do. Please additionaly add snipets from the container logs that indicate the problem(s).

Thank you for your support. After analyzing the logs and further analysis i found the problem that my application is trying to connect to a MySQL server and when i remove the connection string, the tomcat container runs successfully, any recommendations? I need to connect to MySQL server.

What stops you from doing so?