Webhook: Were is the URL of my callback payload URL displayed on docker hub webUI?

Please explain webhook status and target_url of callback abit more!

My endpoint is getting a payload from docker hub. Directly after receiving it, i can see in docker hub WebUI for my repo in Webhooks / Current Webhooks / “the desired webhook” / View History that the status of that webhook request is success. But my endpoint has not yet called the callback URL to set the status to success, failure or success.

Maybe i am just missunderstanding the webUI and i can find the callback status somewhere else…

My payload to that callback URL is for example:

  "state": "success",
  "description": "387 tests PASSED",
  "context": "Continuous integration by Acme CI",
  "target_url": "http://ci.acme.com/results/afd339c1c3d27"

Where in the docker hub WebUI can i find the target_url (http://ci.acme.com/results/afd339c1c3d27) to easy navigate to the CI report?

I followed this documentation to register my endpoint as a webhook in docker hub: