Weblogic+Oracle 11g in a single container

I need to to install oracle 11 g along with a webserver like JBoss/Webslogic in a single docker container to facilitate an integrated production platform.I know that I can use two different containers and make them interact but that’s not what I want.A single container with both Applications.How to do it?

First a word about licensed software like Oracle 11g: please don’t post any public images with click-through licensed software in it – we’ll end up getting a call from the licensor to remove it. Even when it is licensed liberally, with an easy click-through, the licensor cares that each user has accepted the license explicitly.

So, assuming you are making this container for your own personal, licensed use, you could start multiple services within it by using a “manager” type program as your CMD or ENTRYPOINT. My favorite is supervisord. With a “manager” type programe like supervisor, you can have one program launch multiple others (like Oracle and JBoss) and not only that, it can gather their logs and even restart them if they crash.