Welcome-to-docker tutorial

Total newbie here!

Trying to run the Docker Desktop tutorial welcome-to-docker.

The logs display:

2023-10-25 08:09:10  INFO  Accepting connections at http://localhost:3000
2023-10-25 08:18:20 
2023-10-25 08:18:20  INFO  Gracefully shutting down. Please wait...
2023-10-25 08:18:21  INFO  Accepting connections at http://localhost:3000

but when I try to connect to http://localhost:3000 I get similar messages in Chrome and Firefox:

Unable to connect
Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at localhost:3000.

My due diligence tells me that no proxy or firewall is active. Of course, I’ve tried the localhost IPv4 address too.

Perhaps, I have overlooked something in the tutorial. Would appreciate indulgence and guidance from someone more experienced, please. Thanks.