What are the disadvantages/ impacts of having a big container size (5 GB)

Hello can someone please help me to know what are the disadvantages or impacts of having bigger container size (5 GB) ? We have tried many different ways to reduce the size but it doesn’t look like we can do much about it. So just wanted to know if there are any clients out there who are having big container size and what problems are they facing.


Do you really mean the size of the container or the size of the image?

We generally try to create small images because we can download it faster when we need to upgrade or use CI/CD pipelines. You also need to maintain less packages and deal with less potential vulnerabilities. If you really need all of the packages you installed and the size is the result of the size of the packages, then I would say it is fine. The highlighted part of the previous sentence is important. The size of the image can be larger also becuse your build process is wrong and your filesystem layers are redundant. Make sure the full size of the image is not significantly larger then the size of its content visible in the container. I know Microsoft has some images which are more than 10 gigabytes and I am not writing about Windows containers.

Since we don’t know what is in your image and what is it for, I can only say that it is not necessarily wrong, it is just not optimal.

If you really meant containers and not images, then you should use volumes and sore data on those, but I guess this is not the case.