What `docker stats` NET and BLOCK means

Trying to understand output of docker stats on Windows machine below and not 100% sure how to interpret Net I/O and BLOCK I/O numbers below. Is Net I/O total amount of traffic left and received by container since start, is it the same for Block I/O? I looked at docs but they seemed to be geared toward Linux.

CONTAINER           CPU %               PRIV WORKING SET    NET I/O             BLOCK I/O
252032285d54        3.90%               282.8MiB            5.97GB / 4.56GB     323MB / 13.4GB
9bc54f7b79e8        13.27%              365.6MiB            279MB / 256MB       295MB / 3.89GB

BLOCK IO is reads and writes to your physical disks
NET IO is the Network Traffic