What images do you recommend to use for pdAdmin and PostgreSQL?

  1. On the internet there are many images for pdAdmin and PostgreSQL. Which ones do you recommend to use for pdAdmin and PostgreSQL?
  2. As far as PostgreSQL is concerned, I would need an image with the PostGIS plugin and only one with the PostgreSQL database.
  3. Is it possible to choose at random or is it better to follow some criteria?


I read ‘latest’, ‘alpine’, ‘alpine + one number’ and ‘beta’. ‘latest’ I guess it loads the latest version available and I think it is not recommended on Docker because if in 3 years Docker loads a version that is not compatible with my project I am in bad shape. ‘beta’ makes me think of something in development. ‘alpine’ and 3.16 instead makes me think of the alpine linux system. How should I choose the image on Docker? I accept advice!


‘snapshot’ is similar to beta?



How do you update all these images? How do I know which Linux OS they are using? Can you give me a hand in this?


I was thinking of using the following images. What do you think?
FROM dpage/pgadmin4:6.10
FROM kartoza/postgis:14-3.2--v2022.05.09
FROM postgres:14.3-alpine3.16

Use stable versions. This is not something that Docker will tell you. You need to understand the standard versionings, usually semantic versioning., but it really depends on the software, so make sure you understand the software and always read the description of the image on Docker Hub and follow links! I mean seriously!

That is something that you can find in the description of the image on Docker Hub, which clearly shares a link to the “development” documentation and uses the “nightly build” expression.

Download the new version, delete the old container, start the new one.

Read the documentation, recognize the operating system in the tags or you search for how you can determine the operating system in general.

cat /etc/os-release

Or use the new Docker desktop extension from Jfrog

Of cousre not every image has an operating system.

Looks right

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When I talked about “update” I meant this:
RUN apt update && apt upgrade -y (dockerfile string)
If I use a version of any image that has a bug and I want to update it quickly I need to know how to proceed. To know how to update I need to know if I can use ‘apt’ because the system is based on Debian, like ubuntu, or not, like for example centos.
If you explain to me how to use desktop extension from Jfrog I will gladly try it.
I can’t use ‘cat / etc / os-release’ because I don’t have access to the container.
Thank you for your support

Security is not my area, but in case of a security issue, you need to decide if the issue hs any impact on your environment. Update only if it is immediately necessary. Otherwise report the issue to the developer of the image. Even if you update packages inside the image, I would update only the affected packages. Not everything. Any uncontrolled update can replace packages that you would not expect. For example you use version 1.2.3 and you updatet it to 1.5.2. Such a big difference is not frequent but it can happen.

If it is nit in the documentation, you can just do what I do. Run a shell in the container locally, try the common commands like apt, apk, yum, dnf, microdnf. It can be something else too. As I wrote in my previous post, not all image has an operating system. It can contain only one binary or some configuration file without any package manager. Actually there is no operating system in containers at all. The operating system is on your host (kernel), and you isolate processes with some libraries and configuration files. So those are just files created for different distributions. It is up to the developers what files they copy into the image.

I will leave it to you since you can find many videos about docker extensions and even if you could not find any, it is just run the docker desktop, install the extension and use the GUI.

Then how do you want to update anything?

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Ok, thanks everyone. Yes, it is not worth updating. It is too dangerous.
I’ve fixed everything, I just need one last help with the volumes.
I have opened another discussion for this.